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  • 1,290.00 EUR
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    Store of umbilical cord blood

    All base services included

    Use in classic therapies, studies and healing attempts to treat over 80 diseases

    Careful removal and transport by qualified personnel

    High-quality processing and safe freezing (cryopreservation)

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A collection of umbilical cord blood and tissue is only possible if the maternity clinic is a cooperation partner of Vita 34. Therefore, an order can only be placed if you give birth in a clinic with the corresponding collection authorisation. Please enter the town or postcode of your desired maternity clinic and select it from the list. If your desired clinic is not displayed, please contact our customer service.

If the list does not show your clinic, please call us at no charge at:

  • Germany 0800 034 00 00
  • Austria 00800 034 00 000

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  • Germany 0800 034 00 00
  • Austria 00800 034 00 000

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